About Us

Who we are:

Ankrom Exotics is a small, privately owned, business that has been operating since 2008. However, that wasn't when this all began or started.

Pat's father is a Knifemaker and although Pat didn't follow in his fathers' footsteps, an interest began to grow in the various materials that could be used for the handles of those knives. That interest matured into buying various species of wood & then onto improving upon nature, itself.

He began testing different stabilizing methods to find a process that would create woods that were more resistant to enviormental changes and stronger than they were before this process was applied. He also wanted to make it so that it would finish much nicer & easier.

It took awhile (and a lot of experimenting) before he finally perfected the method/process we currently use today.

During this time we also branched out into casting resin. Our Wood/Resin Hybrids & Resin Embed products seemed like a natural progression and opened the door to a much more creative & innovative process for us.

It's exciting & satisfying coming up with new products that our customers enjoy. While we will continue to offer our stabilizing services & some wood products, casting has truly taken over as the main part of our business and our passion.


Why do you sell the items you sell:

We offer our services and the items we sell because we enjoy being creative, innovative and providing our customers with products that are unique in thought and appearance. Though our products are similar in nature; no two items are alike which gives our customers the ability to create those one-of-a-kind pieces.


Who are the people on your team:

Our team currently consists of two people; Pat Ankrom & Lynn Atwell.

We rarely assign "official titles" to ourselves because we both work hard & do whatever it takes in order to get it done & to provide you, our customer, with a professional, quality product.